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Indoor LED Screens for Reaching a Bigger Crowd

20140812_135211-758x345Sometimes you just need a better way to share information. Indoor LED screens may be just the answer you are looking for. You may have even seen LED screens before without knowing what they were. Popular, high traffic areas like football games, airports, stadiums and malls all have the potential to reach a large number of people. This is a great place to set up advertising and indoor LED screens are one quality way of doing so.

People are faced with advertising everywhere they go these days. We see ads on TV, hear them in radio and of course, see them everywhere online from our computers and mobile devices. We are bombarded with advertising in such a way that most people ignore traditional advertising these days.  It takes something different, something unique and something special to really stand out these days.

This is exactly what LED screens can offer for you. They are large, beautiful and cost-effective. LED is a very green technology so you won’t waste a lot of money or cause harm to the environment when choose this option. It also means it is cheaper and easier to change when the time comes so you have more control over your ads and you can mix them up more often.

Top advertising companies in North and South America, and even all over the world, are discovering the amazing power of LED screens like we can offer you.

We offer:

  • 6.67mm for large stages or events
  • 4.81mm or 3.91mm for close viewing or small screens
  • 6.67mm for large stages or events
  • 4.81mm or 3.91mm for close viewing or small screens

With LED signs and screens, you get quality, affordability and earth-friendly choices. You can go bigger without worrying at all about it hurting the environment or costing you more money. You can change your signs as often as you need to change your message.

Let us help you get started today with indoor LED screens that represent you well. If you have questions or concerns or don’t know what kinds of signs or screens are right for your needs, give us a call. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to speak with you today.

Manufacturer of Exceptional LED Billboards and Displays

  • Better LED Lamps
  • Better Resolution
  • Better Picture
  • Better Price

LED Billboards Let You Advertise for Success

GWCC-Complex-14x48-billboard-758x345For some time now, LED technology has been turning ordinary static signs and billboards into something vibrant and unique. This technology that was created in the early 1900s has not been perfected to create amazing, illuminating LED billboards today.

Billboards, like those you see on the sides of the highway, have now been upgraded to LED options as well. What was once a plain outdoor ad put up with paint and scaffolding is now high-tech and high resolution. With LED billboards, you have more options and more flexibility than ever before. You can create your own full-color advertisement in large format with great options that were not available before.

For example, with your LED advertisement, you can choose to have animation or mini show commercials. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to suit your business and your specific ad. You can choose to emphasize a specific part of the message at any particular time. You are in control of the message that you send with your LED billboard.

They are now easier than ever to change and can be done with computers so there is no longer a need to put a couple of painters high into the air to get the job done. The ease of changing the message is one of many reasons why billboards are such a popular advertising choice today. It works for you day and night, even while you sleep and some popular billboards even become landmarks for a particular city or town.

LED billboards, LED signs and LED screens open many new doors for businesses and brands looking to share their message with a larger audience. You have the freedom to make changes and updates so your audience does not get tired of seeing the same ad. Costs are cheaper than many traditional advertising methods, especially in comparison of what you get for the price.

Marketing strategies will come and go and different businesses will change how they choose to do things but one thing that seems here to stay for some time is LED advertising. It’s cost-effective, it’s affordable and it works. If you want to try it for yourself, we can help you get started today.

Lightking Outdoor is a supplier of high quality yet economically priced LED displays and billboards to sign distributors in North and South America. If you have questions about LED billboards and how they can lead you to success in advertising, contact us today. We are ready and waiting to help you.

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LED Signs Are Proven to Increase Business

home_featured_2If you are looking for a proven effective way to draw more attention to your business through advertising, considering buying an LED sign. There are many types of signage out there today but LED signs have been proven to generate more business than your average, static sign. Scrolling signs are also very popular.

Why is this the case? There is some simple and basic reasoning behind why LED signs work well for business. The basics lie in human psychology. Our brains are drawn to bright, flashing lights. It’s the reason these types of lights were chosen for police and rescue vehicles. They get our attention and the same can be said for LED signage.

The sometimes scary truth is that as humans, we walk around in a bit of a trance. We even drive somewhat on auto-pilot, thinking about our work day, what we want for dinner or that fight we had with our spouse. Our brains are so busy thinking about so many things, usually at one time, we don’t notice most signs.

But a bright, blinking LED sign? Now that is something you will notice. That is something that will, even if only briefly, bring you out of your trance and cause you to take note. The lesson here- people will notice your signs.

This is exactly what you want them to do. When they do their job, they will bring in new clients and potential clients or customers. They can also be good for brand awareness since people will talk about your business and your signs.

There are different types and sizes of LED signs to meet your specific needs. Once you have made the choice to use this type of LED sign, you will want to want to research the size, colors and other options you can have made for you. See what kind of features and options are available and decide which ones you want to make.

We offer:

  • 10.66mm Recommended
  • Monuments
  • Pylons / Walls
  • 16mm Recommended
  • Highway Billboards
  • Large Pylons

LED lights and signs are made of green technology so they are very good for the environment, even large ones. They are low cost and won’t leave you with outrageous electric bills. You can easily edit or change your sign. This lets you do more with your sign and also shows potential clients that you pay attention and that you are up to date on things. They may even look for your sign just to see what it is it’s doing today.

If you need LED signs for your business, we can help. Just let us know how we can help you today.