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Business Signs MiamiBusiness signs have a world of importance as they portray the brand image of the business; though getting a top quality custom business sign made for your business isn’t as easy as it sounds. While getting the business signs designed, there are a number of factors to be kept in mind, First off, you should not only make sure that it looks good on the surface, but also that it is built with the best materials. Moreover, when it comes to promoting your business in an area like Miami, you can’t simply risk your business identity with cheap signboards. Lightking Outdoor is one of the pioneers in designing business signboards and all kinds of commercial Miami signs.

Building signs in Miami and Fort Lauderdale have a special significance because the folks in this area are smart enough to recognize what’s waiting for them on the other side of door, way before they even walk through it, merely by taking a look at the building sign. However, you can’t simply go about creating your dream signboard, as it must adhere to city’s sign codes, and satisfy the sign criteria finalized by the community review board. So, you can tell us about your needs, and let our expert designers handle the rest.

Now, next comes the million dollar question as to who is your sign primarily advertising to, and what kind of colors to choose. It is important that you make these decision logically rather than going by your instincts. There are again several factors that affect the decision. We at Lightking Outdoor understand the details and with our extensive experience in business sign designing, we can help you in creating the most effective business signboards that can capture the attention of the targeted audience seamlessly.

So, let us know about your requirements and give us a chance to help you improve your brand image with out top quality business sign solutions in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or the Caribbean. Give us a call to (305) 944-7945 or mail your inquiries to

  • “With the Readerboard, Friday sales are up 23%, Saturday sales are up 30% and Sunday sales are up 50%. I am loving it! Thanks!”  
    May Masoli Whitestone Foods/Long John Silver's
  • After the first Installation of Lightking Product.  "Customer really likes them".  "They look good".  "I'm Impressed"
    President Former Watchfire Dealer

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