Choosing a Background Color for Your LED Billboard

Billboard WholesalerTo get the most out of your LED billboard, you need to choose a background color that captures the eye and quickly gets your message across. Background colors set the tone of your message and help to frame it into context. This post should shed some light on the basics of background colors.


Black is one of the most important colors in design. It communicates power, formality, and sophistication to the viewer. It can also give off a sense of mystery.

A black background is perhaps the most useful method of catching the eye. Lettering and shapes stand out more prominently on black than they do with other colors. Black backgrounds display colored text better than any other. Whites and yellows stand out especially well. When choosing black for your background, make sure that your text is large enough so it is not overwhelmed by black’s power.


White is one of the most versatile color when choosing a background. In conveys concepts such as light, purity, and perfection. A white surface offers the ability to work with just about any other color, and makes text the most readable.

Although white offers the most uses when designing a memorable sign, there are a few things to keep in mind. White can appear to draw black letters into the background, making them blurry and difficult to read at varying distances. Blues, oranges, and reds are easier on the eye.


Red is a color that plays on the emotions. It represents concepts such as fire, blood, strength, desire, and love. It’s no wonder why red is used for products like gasoline cans and to sell candy on Valentine’s Day.

Red backgrounds are most effective for warning signs. As such, red stands out in environments already saturated with color. Black, yellow, and white symbols or text on red backgrounds are visually striking, and demand attention. Choose red when your message is simple and doesn’t require translation into other languages.


Yellow is a warm color. When you see lots of yellow, it’s not hard to think of sunshine, flowers, and things that make you feel comfortable.

Like red, yellow backgrounds have the capability of drawing attention in environments that are already full of bold and dominant colors. When used with black symbols or text, a yellow background helps to deliver a clear, understandable message. You can also create visually stimulating messages with reds, oranges, and greens.


It’s not hard to understand why blue is one of the world’s most popular colors. Not only is it the color of the sky and the sea, it stirs thoughts of concepts such as heaven, faith, confidence, and trust. Because of this, it is also perhaps the least confrontational color you can choose for an effective sign background.

Blue backgrounds offer a depth that other colors cannot match. That being said, to get the most out of a light blue background, choose black text and symbols; for dark blue backgrounds, choose white text and symbols.

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