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Fort Lauderdale Sign CompanyWhen it comes to signage design in Fort Lauderdale, finding sign companies in Ft Lauderdale is not going to be a difficult task. However, if you consider the expertise and experience of these companies and the successful signs that they’ve created to date, things may turn out to be quite different. Remember, your signs speak a lot about your business silently, and you can’t simply afford to let amateur designers create signs for your business.

Lightking Outdoor is one of the oldest premier sign companies in Ft Lauderdale and South Florida as a whole. We’re full service sign manufacturers and serve a wide range of customers ranging from small retail stores down to big malls and organizations.

We’ve been designing, producing, and installing signs throughout South Florida for over 40 years, and our expert designers and technicians are highly imaginative to come up with something unique to promote your business, as per your personal requirements. We’re one of the leaders in creating signs in Ft Lauderdale, possessing massive experience in areas of LED and neon signs, channel letter and reverse channel letter signs, banner, store and window logo design, outdoor and commercial signs, monument, plastic, metal, and wood, signage design and much more.

It is pretty hard to find a Fort Lauderdale Sign Company that has all categories of customers on its portfolio, four decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing signs in Ft Lauderdale, but Lightking Outdoor is one of the rare exceptions.

It serves as a one-stop solution to your sign makeover needs. With big names like Aventura Mall, Prologis United Properties and Adler Group on the portfolio, there’s hardly any scope for doubting the capabilities of our capable designers, who’ve been in the business long enough to understand the mindset of the potential clients.

We have experience of years together and we will never let your brand image down with cheap quality signs or copycat designs. We know what kinds of signs are most effective and we can come up with the best possible ideas during the initial consultation session. Depending upon your requirements and personal choice, we can help you materialize on your ideas and provide you with the most fascinating signage.

Give us a call today (305) 944-7945 or contact our team to arrange for an initial consultation session totally free!

  • “With the Readerboard, Friday sales are up 23%, Saturday sales are up 30% and Sunday sales are up 50%. I am loving it! Thanks!”  
    May Masoli Whitestone Foods/Long John Silver's
  • After the first Installation of Lightking Product.  "Customer really likes them".  "They look good".  "I'm Impressed"
    President Former Watchfire Dealer

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