Making Public Service Announcements with Your LED Sign

photoThe main purpose for your LED sign is to attract attention for your business. You’ll spend time and energy making sure that exactly the right message that you want it to and that everyone who passes it will take a moment of their own time to read it. You’ll soon learn if your time and effort is paying off. Another way that you can attract attention with your sign is by using it to assist your community. Your business can use its sign to become an information resource for commuters. Especially of the public service announcement variety. With a programmable sign, you can instantly provide news and information that can have a positive impact on your community. Typical messages might include:

  • Weather alerts such as tornado and flash flood warnings
  • Amber Alerts
  • Road closings
  • Upcoming charity or community events
  • Sudden increases in fuel prices

A public service announcement is essentially any announcement that offers an informative message to the public. Your role as a sign owner isn’t to create content to display, but to display content that has already been created. An example of an effective public service announcement is a tornado warning. The National Weather Service issues an alert that is broadcast on local television and radio. This broadcast will interrupt regular programming, and is often followed by statements and further details by local meteorologists. This warning is only effective if people are watching or listening. Many people aren’t listening to radio in their cars, so they will most likely miss this emergency alert. You, as an LED billboard or sign owner, can aid the National Weather Service by relaying the warning to the passing public. This would cue the public to return home or pull over to find nearby shelter. You can add more value to this sort of announcement by including the address of the nearest qualified shelter. Posting Public Service Announcements are about being active in the community. And it also involves some responsibility. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you would like your business to take such a role.

Communicate with Local Government

This is the most important aspect of displaying public service announcements. In order to make sure that the information you display is accurate, be sure to contact local government officials. Road closings and other traffic alerts are easily verified with a phone call. And they should be glad to help you get the right information out there. Local government also appreciate your help with messages about civic events such as safety initiatives, election days, and crime prevention campaigns.

Support Non-Profits and Organizations

Non-profit groups are always on the lookout for ways to promote their initiatives. You can also help community organizations like Lion’s Club and Daughters of the American Revolution get the word out about upcoming events. A bright LED sign is a great way to inform, as well as remind, passers-by of blood drives and canned food collections.

Make Wise Choices

Not every message is a good message for your business. Some non-profits have political or religious leanings, and sometimes their messages can harm your business relationships. Before you post messages, make sure you understand the messages and how your customer base may view them. And it doesn’t hurt to do some research on the organization or their campaigns before agreeing to post their messages on your sign. Try to stay politically neutral, and if in doubt, it’s best not to take the risk of hurting your business.

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