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Miami SignsAn event is all about the décor and there are a number of ways to spice up the look and feel of the venue. You can give a royal look to the event and make your guests feel like queens and kings. And, sign makers as well as banner makers can really turn on the heat, as they can totally change things around with some fantastic LED signs, sign boards, signage, and billboards.

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There are several renowned Miami sign makers, which can create some sizzling custom sign boards and eye-catching banners. However, what really distinguishes Lightking Outdoor from the rest is that we can accommodate anything from a simple signage request in Miami down to the most outrageous requests. With streamlined systems and state-of-the-art technology, we can produce the very best of signs in Miami, wherever and whenever required. Lightking Outdoor possesses over 40 years of expertise in LED design, neon and vinyl banner design.

What’s more, you can rely on us not just for signage, but even for managing the entire project including initial consultation, design, production, delivery along with installation. We can help you create your brand image, and promote your products/services with the most amazing signage in Miami and throughout the US. Whether it is window logo design, monument, metallic, plastic or wooden signage for small storefronts, residential properties, big shopping centers, massive commercial buildings, real estate companies, or roads and vehicles, we can get the job done in style

More so, we also use the best quality materials ranging from vinyl and composites, LED, Neon, acrylic, wood, aluminum and other raw materials, to produce the signage. Therefore, you can be rest assured about its long life, and low maintenance. And, we’re always going to be right beside your business to accommodate any changes and deliver the most effective solution.

Lightking Outdoor is committed towards providing proactive customer service, timely deliver and installation, and the very best of Miami signs to all segments of customers. We believe that it is possible to win the confidence of our clients by providing them with signage that truly add value to their business rather than showcasing their offerings.

After all, today there are thousands of signage companies in Miami, and it is next to impossible to be amongst the top few, without being unique, and delivering the very best. But, we’ve taken up that challenge of doing whatever it takes to be at the top. We’re also proud of our reputation of being able to exceed our clients’ expectations and offering them with unmatched signboards and billboards.

So, if you want to take your brand to newer heights, contact us and get an astounding signboard and promote your business in style. Contact us at (305) 944-7945 or email us to

  • “With the Readerboard, Friday sales are up 23%, Saturday sales are up 30% and Sunday sales are up 50%. I am loving it! Thanks!”  
    May Masoli Whitestone Foods/Long John Silver's
  • After the first Installation of Lightking Product.  "Customer really likes them".  "They look good".  "I'm Impressed"
    President Former Watchfire Dealer

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