Turn Advertising Expenses into an Investment with an LED Sign

badfishSure, LED signs and billboards aren’t free. In fact, just considering the expense can give you reservations about ever purchasing one. But the truth is, that expense isn’t an expense, it’s an investment. An LED sign is a critical part of a successful marketing strategy that will grow your business. Another critical part is messaging, but without making an investment in a sign, then your messaging will not be nearly effective.

LED signs are easily compared to HD TVs. A quality TV can easily put a dent in a family’s budget, but most families will look at it as an investment. This is because the TV will occupy one of the main gathering points in the home. It provides entertainment, information, and can help to foster a feeling of togetherness for the entire family. It isn’t long before the expense of the TV pays off.

To truly understand how the expense of a sign or billboard can quickly turn into one of the smartest investments you’ve ever made for your company is to know the benefits and how they overcome the costs.

Costs of LED Signs and Billboards

As with most major purchases, there will be a number of recurring costs with your sign. Once you understand what they are, you will be better prepared to incorporate them into your budget. Some of the recurring costs you can expect to pay include:

  • Installation
  • Labor
  • Maintenance
  • Design
  • Content writing
  • Power
  • Training

Additional costs can come from the location you wish to place your sign, to the amount of electrical work involved for connectivity, to insurance premiums. An LED sign may really seem like a financial burden, until you consider how these costs translate into benefits.

Realizing the Benefits

Before you decide that you can never recuperate the costs of a new sign, you should consider the benefits a sign will bring into your business or organization. Some of these benefits come immediately; others you will have to wait for. Planning and patience are required, but all your hard work and the money you put in will pay off.

Here is a list of the typical benefits you expect to receive after installing an LED sign:

  • Higher visibility
  • Brand recognition
  • Timely messaging
  • Higher property value
  • Business lead generation

A new sign always attracts attention. A sign that often displays new messages will continue to attract attention. The more attention you attract with your sign, the more likely you are to attract new customers. The costs of your sign will soon translate into long-term benefits.

Don’t just take our word for it. The Small Business Administration states that, “For businesses that choose to enhance their signage with an electronic message display, the owners typically see an increase in business of 15% to 150%.”

One other thing you should keep in mind: A LED sign is a permanent asset to your company. Once you’ve purchased it, it is a form of advertising that suddenly becomes cheap compared to other forms of advertising that you have to continue to pay for.

  • “With the Readerboard, Friday sales are up 23%, Saturday sales are up 30% and Sunday sales are up 50%. I am loving it! Thanks!”  
    May Masoli Whitestone Foods/Long John Silver's
  • After the first Installation of Lightking Product.  "Customer really likes them".  "They look good".  "I'm Impressed"
    President Former Watchfire Dealer

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